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Baby Puppy Class 5 - under 7 mths, Puppy Class7 - under 9 mths
Junior Class 9 - under 18 mths
Intermediate Class 15 - under 24 mths
Open Class from 15 months
Working Class from 15 months 
Champion Class from 15 months
Veteran Class from 8 years onwards  
Breeder Group, Progeny Group
Tourist Class (e.g. for dogs with faulty bite, colour defect and males castrated for other than health reasons)

Entry fees:

The first dog by June 1st 33€, from May 1st until May 22nd  40€, the second dog and from that on 28€/35€
Puppies and veterans entered in veteran class 20€/25€,
over 10-year old veterans entered in veteran class free of charge,
tourists 15€ - only by paper copy or by email
May 23rd until June 6th only online entry adult classes 50€ per dog,
puppies and veterans 30€,
over 10-year old veterans entered in veteran class free of charge

Online entry:

Entry with a paper copy:  
Merja Tammi, Tornitie 15a, 80770 Kontiolahti as
The copy of the payment must be included.

or by email:
merja.tammi(at)  - Note: replace (at) with @

The payment information:
Recipient: Susirajan belgit
The account number:
IBAN FI83 4108 0010 3691 58
reference: Belgierkkari2018